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We are offering a comprehensive Stretch IRA / Stretch Annuity, 72(t) and Roth Conversion Illustration Software Program for only $549 (Special Pricing for Current PenD'Calc Software Users) that can be used to illustrate Stretch IRAs as well as both Qualified and Non Qualified Stretch Annuities, Roth IRAs and comparative illustrations of Traditional vs. Roth IRAs.

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Company History

Since 1987, PenD'Calc R&EP™ (Retirement & Estate Planning) Software has been performing retirement accumulation, pension distribution and estate planning calculations.

Since 1997, Clarity Software has been distributing Stretch IRA Calculator Software. The largest Banks, Brokerage Firms, Life and Annuity companies, countless FMO's as well as thousands of individual users have found our Stretch Software to be the best in the market place yielding the highest close rate.  
Today, PenD'Calc Software is the result of over 24 years of continuous in-house nurturing of competencies in financial, retirement, and estate planning as well as software development skills. 

Our Products

At the core of PenD'Calc Software is the ability to be flexible. PenD'Calc Software was designed to accommodate different client and service markets. Products range from simple distribution calculators to complex estate planners. We also can customize any R&EP™ product for corporate accounts. PenD'Calc Software can help put your professional expertise to work for your clients by providing the calculations and financial figures that you need.

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Why PenD'Calc Software?

PenD'Calc Software is comprehensive, accurate, and easy to use. It produces client-friendly presentations with visually appealing charts and ledgers. It enables users to make accurate and convincing recommendations by providing unparalleled analysis with respect to income, estate and tax scenarios. It is an indispensable tool to help financial, insurance, accounting, tax and legal professionals provide their services.