• Single Year RMD Only
  • Single Year & Multi-Year Projection
    • Provides A Quick Calc To Determine the IRA Balance Required To Provide A Specific Annual 72t Distribution
    • Can use 2 ROIs in illustration
      • 120 Federal Mid-Term Rate
      • Anticipated Account ROI
    • Allows the Recalculation Of Amortization and Annuitization Method Annually
    • Can illustrate a Switch To Yearly 72(t) RMD Method To Start In A Future Year Of The 72(t) Period
    • View 72t Demo Form
    • View 72t Sample Report

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Stretch Modules

Roth Conversion Specific Modules

  • Retirement Income Comparison
    • No Conversion
    • Roth Conversion with Taxes Paid from Savings
    • Roth Conversion with Taxes Paid From IRA
    • Summary Income & Detail Ledgers
  • Retirement Yearly Net Account Value Comparison
  • Stretch (Retirement & Generational) Yearly Net Account Value Comparison
  • View Demo Form
  • View Sample Report

* Functionality Will Vary Between Desktop and Cloud Modules. Cloud Modules May Include A Monthly Fee.