For 27 years, Clarity Software has designed software for retirement accumulation, pension distribution and estate planning calculations. Recently, we created software for the optimization of social security benefits. As clients approach retirement age, the management of Social Security benefits becomes a key component in helping them achieve their financial goals, including the ability to maintain an acceptable standard of living. How can you, the Advisor, best assist your clients in maximizing their Social Security benefits?

The Answer: SS Edge.

How SS Edge is different (and better): No other Social Security planning software on the market allows for two Cost of Living indexing variables. What does this mean? SS Edge allows you to project a more realistic future value of Social Security benefits.

In addition, other planning software may include some of SS Edge’s features, but no other software includes ALL of these features:

Easy to Use Forms, Enter Fields Once then Done
Includes all Iterations of File & Suspend, and Restricted App.

  • Indexing Rate for Social Security
  • Indexing Rate for Cost of Living Adjustment (Separate from Social Security Indexing)
  • Allows Future Earning up to Age 100
  • Allows Entry for Complete Earnings History
  • Optional Quick Entry Mechanisms
  • Converts all Values into Net Present Values
  • Windfall Elimination Provision
  • Government Pension Offset
  • Optimizations Done Monthly
  • Comparative Analysis Using Alternative Investments