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Who are you and what is your “Business Model”?
Financial Institution with hundreds to tens of thousands of users:
Our Cloud Software is perfect….. we’ve run hundreds of thousands of reports on
the cloud (we use AWS as the cloud provider) for our institutional clients.

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Our Products

Simply to the Nth Degree explains the philosophy behind our software. The concept is the delivery of software that encompasses nearly limitless possibilities while maintaining a high degree of readability

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Company History

In 1987, PenD’Calc Software’s first lines of code were written. The initial focus of the software was to answer questions in areas that were the focus of the financial planning community when dealing with pension distributions and significant pension values:

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Why PenD’Calc Software?

repPenD’Calc Software is comprehensive, accurate, and easy to use. It produces client-friendly presentations with visually appealing charts and ledgers.

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