For many families, social security will comprise the most substantial percentage of their post retirement income. Incorrectly determining when to take benefits can cost families thousands upon thousands of dollars, and ultimately hinder a comfortable lifestyle. SS Edge takes the guess work out of deciding when to start collecting benefits. SS Edge illustrates the optimal dates to begin collecting social security benefits and gives the most accurate picture of what the value of those payments will be by taking into account multiple cost of living adjustments.

Easy to Use Forms, Enter Fields Once then Done
Includes all Iterations of File & Suspend, and Restricted App.

  • Indexing Rate for Social Security
  • Indexing Rate for Cost of Living Adjustment (Separate from Social Security Indexing)
  • Allows Future Earning up to Age 100
  • Allows Entry for Complete Earnings History
  • Optional Quick Entry Mechanisms
  • Converts all Values into Net Present Values
  • Windfall Elimination Provision
  • Government Pension Offset
  • Optimizations Done Monthly
  • Comparative Analysis Using Alternative Investments